Diary Dates 2019

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Friday 1st March 2019. The RIB has been taken into the workshop for it to be cleaned & repaired. Should be ready by next weekend.

Sunday 3rd March 2019. Pool cleaning Only had four down, so we did not bother with the filming. But the pool looks a lot cleaner, but for how long we do not know.

Monday 4th March 2019. I had a chat with the people that are fixing the RIB engine it is up & running. They are just waiting for two parts that they feel need replacing. Thursday 14th March tow bar put on to the car. I am looking at going to pick it up on Friday 15th March. I will then make my way to Weymouth on Saturday 16th March & pick up the RIB. Sunday 17th make my way with the RIB & the engine to Southampton to have the engine put on the RIB & the electrics plug in. I don’t know if I will have time on the Sunday to put her in the water. If, not I will do that on the Monday. I will be looking at taking her out on the following Sunday.

Saturday 16th March 2019 Matthew Sharks will be in the Flexi pool at 18 00hrs to 20 00hrs. If you have or know of any young person that would like to give Scuba Diving ago ask them to contact Matthew on matthew_sharks@outlook.com

Saturday, 23rd March. Scouts would like to do a Try Dive session. Help as always required. Then to the pub for a beer after.

Sunday 24th March The RIB will be in the water at Weymouth. All welcome. Depending on the weather we may get a dive in.

Thursday 2nd May 2019 £ 100 00 Deposit for those going to Lundy Island. [Non-refundable]

Sunday 2nd June Malta. Nigel will be going to Malta, this is the info he has sent me. Malta trip £ 363 00 to include a week’s accommodation, diving & airport transfer. Contact Nigel for more info & for booking.

Thursday 27th June Remainder of the money for Lundy Island. [non-refundable]

Lundy Island I will be arranging a trip to Lundy Island for four days 9th July to the 13th July 2019. This has now been booked & the deposit paid. It will cost about £ 250 00 but budget for £ 300 00 this to include the boat trip over there & back, accommodation for the four nights, fuel for the RIB, two dives a day, may also get some night dives in. [depending on the weather] I will be paying the deposit on Monday 25th June. The accommodation is for 14 people but there is a camp site next to the accommodation, so we can take a many as we like just so as I know the numbers. Diving with the Seals is as good as Sea Houses up north. I do not require a deposit of £ 100 00 until Thursday 2nd May 2019 Club night. Then the full amount on Thursday 27th June Club night. Let me know if you are interested.

Tenerife 2nd November 2019 Club end of season dive into some warm water. The flights are about £ 77 00 return I will be booking ours on Monday. There are a few dives I have not done up north of the island

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