Diary Dates 2022

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Sunday 2nd January 2022. Gordon's birthday party.

Part one. Meet at the Blue Lagoon at 10 00hrs.

The aim of the day will be as follows.

Part one: 10 30hrs gates open. [2] Kit up & into the lake. [3] Catch as many Crayfish as you can. [4] I will be in the water for 72 seconds. [5] I will then make my way out of the lake area & start heating up the water for the Cray fish. [6] After your dive make your way to where I will be for the second part of my birthday party.

Part two:

As always bring some food.

               a) stand around & wait for the Crayfish to boil.

               b) Eat the food. 

               c) Song on.

              d) Presentation of the Bill Pratt Spanner of the Year Award.

              e) Presentation of the Mick Conwell Photo of the year award. [g] More food & drink.

Then make your way home. Above all don’t forget my birthday present spending no more than £ 1 00. [one pound] No money.

Even if you are not going to dive, come along & see what the club gets up to. The more people that come. The more presents I get.

Let me know if you will be diving as I will be bringing the cylinders & nets with me. If you need anything else let me know.

Thursday 3rd February 2022. This will be our first pool night for 2022. Meet at 19 15hrs at the side entrance to the pool. Kit up the into the pool at 20 00hrs out at 21 00hrs. Kit away then down to the Steam Coach pub for a de-brief & a beer.                            

Farne Islands [diving with the seals & wrecks] I contacted Billy Shiel’s & they will get back to me in the New Year. I am looking at going in the first week in September 2022.

Tenerife November 2022. Matt will be organizing this & he will send out date ETC.

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